Tuesday, December 3, 2013

lucy 12 months!!

our little lucy is one! to mark this milestone she decided to take up crawling. it makes her seem so grown up.
as the tummy exhibits she loves to eat. she is quite the dramatic eater and generally eats more than william at mealtime.
her hair is starting to show a good amount of curl, she gets good 'wings' some days. we are doing our best to tame it.
no words yet, in fact she doesn't babble much at all. but she does love to show off her tricks of clapping and waving bye.
she has cut one tooth on the bottom.
now that she can get around her and williams relationship is changing. sometimes for the better and sometimes she takes his toys which he is not enjoying.
she has an adventurous spirit and no fear. she loves being thrown around and tickled and is determined to crawl off the bed.
her one year stats are 73% head circumference, 28 inches/13% height, 19 lbs 8 oz/20% weight. we love our sweet petite lucy.

Friday, November 29, 2013

september fun

septembers in california are my favorite. our september revolved around water. baths are always a favorite. 
we had our first rain in months so william spent the entire time outside puddle jumping and getting wet.
we spend a weekend on the water in monterey with grandma forrest and the riebens.
one weekend we went to the city to catch some america's cup action. look close and you can see the oracle boat.
to get out of some heat we went to half moon bay for an evening picnic and cooled down a little too much.
another weekend we had a great day at the beach in santa cruz. lucy loved the water, william wouldn't go near it but enjoyed jumping off the sand bar.
other accomplishments are the kids growing up. william transitioned successfully to a toddler bed. hooray!

and lucy has become one of the big kids riding cars with all the other neighborhood kids.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

summer of fun part 3

we continued to enjoy the summer into august. thomas the train came to town so we went and took a ride as he pulled us through the redwoods. it was magical. 
in addition to the train ride they had train tables, bubbles, bouncy houses, steam trains. Little boy heaven part 1. 
we did a little traveling this month as well.
the boys did an epic hike in the trinity alps so grandma, cory and kristen and all the kids got together in folsom. one evening we took a trip to the lake and got really dirty and wet and chased the geese all over. little boy heaven part two.
and another week we piled 8 people into one car and drove to los angeles to visit grandma hayden. everyone did amazingly well on the drive. we visited kidspace and griffith park.
travel town in griffith park is full of trains. william didn't know which way to run first. he and cal loved climbing on the old trains. little boy heaven part 3.
while in los angeles we celebrated grandma's birthday with some chalk art. we love her and were so glad to spend some time with her.
it's also been really rewarding seeing william and lucy's relationship develop. most of the time they get along splendidly.

Monday, October 14, 2013

lucy 10 months

lucy was not thrilled to be taking pictures at 10 months. but she is loving many others things including any type of food, swinging, swimming, bath time, and playing with her toys.
no crawling yet but she can get around by rolling.
we love making her laugh.
she continues to remain toothless, but we love her gummy smile.
she and william are developing a sweet relationship which is fun to watch. we love our lucy more and more as she grows.

summer of fun part 2

we stayed close to home the second part of summer. a heat wave meant we brought out the backyard pool and got wet to cool down.
parks as always were a staple, we always enjoy them more when friends come.
for the fourth of july we visited the grandparents.
one weekend we visited our favorite monterey and the aquarium. the jellyfish continue to be a favorite.
while in monterey we visited the beach and check out the tide pools
and threw countless rocks into the ocean.
ben and william harvested peppers and peas from their garden.
and cheered on the red sox from afar.
we love summer.

Monday, August 26, 2013

lucy 9 months

month 9 for lucy has been so fun. i know i say it every month but she really is a dream baby.
she has been really clingy to mom this month and tends to scream if i'm in the room and someone else is holding her, but besides that is a complete joy.
she is learning the joy of toys and enjoys playing with all the toys in her basket. she currently has a great affinity towards balls.
food continues to be a favorite and she is eating an ever growing variety and quantity of food. she has also learned to drink through a straw.
lucy found her voice this month and does a lot of babbling. it's a joy to watch her and williams relationship develop. he can make her laugh more than anyone else.
she is loving books more as well. she enjoys any book that is interactive.
she had a good 9 month check up and is perfectly healthy. she is 26 inches (8%), 16 lb 8 oz (12%), and a head circumference of 44 centimeters (67%). i guess we have a petite girl with a good head! we love our lucy.